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Asia Collection (June Box 2015)

The month of June was very special because we made a trip across the globe to Asia. Our destinations were Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Therefore the pieces we selected incorporated characteristics of Asia culture and modern vibe.

This shot was taken in China, Wuxi. Sceneries in China looks like a painting. If you look at the far distance you will notice the modern architectures. It's like a contrast of the old and the new. Reminded us of how far our world has evolved.

This shot was taken at a temple in Taiwan. Taiwanese temple is magnificent, with years of history behind it. Some prominent colors used on this temple are red, blue, green and yellow. 

If you have been to Hong Kong, you know that Hong Kong is a very modern city filled with millions of people. Everyone is packed into tiny apartments. This view was taken at the popular Victoria harbor during day time. 

Below are the pieces in our June box:

First up are these beautiful marble cuff ring that reminded us of chinese porcelain. Delicate and fragile. The gold band adds a touch of modernization to these pieces. 

Next up were these pair of Royal Blue earrings. These selection was inspired by the temples we saw in Taiwan. The bold blue and gold color combination used reminded us of royalty. 

Third piece were these horn pendants. According to chinese legends, horns are one of the rarest things one can find in this world. Hence it is often considered a lucky charm. The horn pendant was one of our favorite piece because of the beautiful turquoise color. 

Last but not least are these pair of Bead Accent Fringe drops. The center piece is a cabochon cut hexagon stone that reflects whatever color dress you are wearing. The fringes reminded us of the crowns chinese emperors wear in the kingdom.  

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