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The meaning behind your birth flower rings

Birth flowers have been used to communicate for centuries across different cultures. The language of flowers became popular in Victorian England and the USA in the 19th century. Different flowers symbolize different emotions and were used as a means to send messages just like birth stones. 

We’re breaking down the meaning behind birth flowers and the birth stones associated to the month. 

January: Carnation
January is the start of a new year. Carnation represents rebirth and strong will. Being one of the only flowers that thrive during the cold winter months symbolize a character. The birthstone of January is Garnet. Garnet symbolize perseverance and strength.

The humble violet flower, with its not-so-humble colouring, represents Love, Faithfulness, Wisdom, Hope & Truthfulness. A perfect flower to celebrate the month in which Valentine's Day falls.
Daffodils are symbols of luck. This flower symbolizes new beginnings, and represents the optimistic nature of March babies, and the happiness they bring to our lives. March birthstone is Aquamarine, like its birth flower, the stone reminds us of the ocean and brings a sense of calmness to the wearer.

White Daisy symbolizes purity and innocence. This flower represents the beauty in simplicity and youthful energy.

Lilies of the valley symbolizes motherhood. This ring makes for a meaningful gift to celebrate Mother's day. Lilies of the Valley represents the caring nature of May babies.

Roses are a flower loved by many as a representation of love. This flower symbolize the passionate nature of the hopeless romantics in June babies, and its birthstone, pearl is associated with sweet simplicity, purity and innocence.

Water lilies can be found in ponds throughout the summer, representing the special personality of those born in July. Having a connection with water symbolizes purity and peace. Just like water lillies being able to float, representing the lightheartedness of those born in this month.

Gladioli are known to symbolize strength of character, faithfulness, integrity, infatuation, and persistence. Peridot is the birthstone of August, which is associated with good health, and peacefulness. 

Throughout history, Aster flowers have been linked to magic. Named after the Greek word "star" due to its unique star shape petals. This flower represents the loving and expansive nature of those born in September. Like the color of the night skies, September birth stone is blue sapphire. Long associated with royalty and romance. 

Marigolds colors mimic the rich and warm colors of autumn leaves, which makes them perfect for fall and October babies. Marigolds are associated to the sun and represents creativity and warmth. The birthstone of October is opal. Like the sun, opal symbolizes faithfulness and confidence.

Chrysanthemums bloom in a variety of colors and thrive in both warm and cooler weather, representing the adaptability and go with the flow nature of November babies. It only makes sense the birthstone of November is citrine, like the color of Chrysanthemums. The name "Citrine" comes from the latin word "lemon", and has been thought to be a healing crystal that brings happiness, health, energy, and prosperity.

The Holly flower is a popular holiday flower that represents cheer and celebration. A perfect flower for the optimistic and warm December babies. The Holly flower offers a reminder that there is always something to celebrate even during the cold winter months, and a lot to give. Just like December's birthstone, blue topaz symbolizes love and affection. 

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