Caring For Your Jewelry

It is important to us that any jewelry purchased through maintains its high quality throughout the years. In order to ensure that your Tippy Taste jewelry is kept in its best condition, please take note of the following recommendations. 

Gold Vermeil is sterling silver with 2.5 microns of gold plate over the top, which means it is thick. However over time, the gold plating will start to come off revealing the silver underneath. Unfortunately, this is the nature of the product, There are things you can do to help the gold plating stay for as long as possible, such as avoiding contact with water, chemicals and sweat.

Clean as often as needed using a polishing cloth on any metal parts to reduce tarnish. Keep in mind that due to personal pH levels of some peoples’ skin, jewelry may tarnish more quickly for some. Since exposure to air can also oxidize jewelry, we recommend storing jewelry in an air tight bag rather than keeping it exposed to the air. 

We strive to use the finest quality of material in the industry so that your Tippy Taste sparkles can be treasured forever. Our materials ranges from 14k gold vermeil to 10K, and 14K solid gold.

Though our gold plating is thick we recommend avoiding excessive exposure to water and sunlight. We recommend removing your jewelry before washing dishes, showering, heading to the beach, etc. We highly recommend following these practices so your sparkles have a longer life-span.