One Of A Kind Jewelry Design Recap 2021' - Tippy Taste Jewelry

One Of A Kind Jewelry Design Recap 2021'

We love creating one of a kind jewels with special gemstones. Here is a recap of some of our one of a kind pieces that recently went to their new homes in 2021. All handcrafted in 14K gold with ethically sourced natural gemstones, and conflict-free diamonds.

This absolutely stunning Celestial ring features a one of a kind parti-sapphire with a beautiful mix of green and yellow color. A very rare color combination we came across, and was surely scooped up fast by a lucky babe.

The Frozen Diamond ring features a custom cut salt & pepper hexagon diamond. Its size and shape made it unique and was hard to come by. We had to incorporate it into our Frozen ring design to give off that vintage/antique feel. 

One of our favorite ring is the Hall of Mirrors ring. Its mixed of marquise and baguette diamonds really remind us of the hall of mirrors in the Palace of Versailles in Paris. Featuring an extremely rare 3.85ct natural Paraiba Tourmaline and VS clarity diamonds. This ring is surely a collection piece.

A little out of our usual aesthetic, the Fairy Steps Tanzanite ring was inspired by the Fairy steps in Beetham, Cumbria. Legend says that if you can climb up and down the stairs without touching the sides, the fairies will grant you a wish. This ring features a beautiful natural Tanzanite and encrusted with tiny diamonds.

Speak to anyone who knows jewelry, and you can bet they will say natural Alexandrite is hard to come by. When we came across this beautiful Alexandrite, we knew we had to scoop it up. Its romantic mix of purple/blue colors caught our eyes and we incorporated it into our Coco ring design for an elegant look. 

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