Journey of a Sparkle

Jewelry is an intricate art, that's why we believe every detail counts. From a master goldsmith, to a skilled diamond setter, we work to find ways to perfect each detail to create something truly special. We want to give you a peek into our process- from inspiration, to sketch, to the final sparkle you adorn yourself with. We are so excited to share our journey with you!

"I was the kid that was always artsy and introverted. I'd never thought I'd end up making beautiful jewelry as my career. It was the last year in my college days when I took up a class in "The History of Jewelry" where I was introduced to the long history of self-adornment. This was also what inspired me to go down the route of jewelry design. From the Byzantine period to the Rococo period, the idea of using jewelry as self-expression had been the reason of why we wear jewelry. I fell in love with the idea of turning my vision into a sparkly beauty, and to share that beauty with you."
- xx Tippy

tippy taste sketch jewelry



Every little pieces of life sparks an inspiration for the collection. From there we start pulling more inspiration, and uncovering new elements to add to the designs.




After a rough idea surfaces, the next step is envisioning what kind of feeling we want the piece to embody. This feeling is portrayed by the materials we will be choosing, such as the metal color, gemstones (shape, colors, cuts). All of which makes up the texture of the piece. We feel the gemstones, and play around with different gemstone cuts to see how they would look on the fingers.

tippy taste jewelry opal 





Knowing the inspiration, "feeling" and artwork we have to work with is key when we start sketching. The design goes through many iterations throughout the day, and sometimes for months (because good design takes time right?) before we transfer it to our computers to play with it more until we decide on a final design.  



Once a design is finalized, we hand off our favorite designs to our team of talented CAD modelers. We walked them through the details of our vision, and let them get to work. A visual model is printed into wax when completed. 

tippy taste snow queen production


tippy taste production


Pieces are casted in our choice of metal using the lost-wax method. Working through intricate details, the pieces are polished using a multiple-step process. Depending on the piece, the stones are then set in house or by our extremely experience diamond setter.



Then we share all of our hard work with you! Once we receive your orders, we ship out each order with love, care, and a big bow. We hope you love our pieces as much as we enjoyed making it for you :)

tippy taste jewelry packaging