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Limited Edition: Manhattan Diamond Pear Ring

"I remember my first trip to New York City, when I was on the bridge between Brooklyn and Manhattan, when I saw the skyscrapers. It was like an incredible dream..."

manhattan diamond pear ring engagement "I wanted to design the ultimate engagement ring that expressed class and grace. My designs are mostly based on my I feel about the piece. The way the diamonds are laid out has to all flow together. So it is hard to put this design into words to share it with you all. To me, this ring is an interpretation of my life experiences in Manhattan."- Tippy, designer

tippy tastw
manhattan engagement ring new york city

Numerous sketches were drawn before we finally settled on two designs, and put it up on our Instagram for a vote. Pear shaped diamonds have been very popular lately and we love the brilliance it gives. A little fun fact; the first pear diamond was created in the 1400s by Flemish cutter Lodewyk van Berquem of Bruges (inventor of the diamond polishing wheel). We also love how pear diamonds help elongate your fingers. Pear diamonds has long been associated with royalty and nobility, which is the aesthetic we are trying to achieve with this ring. xx

manhattan diamond ring

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  • Cynthia Gulley: November 17, 2019

    I have always loved the pear shaped diamond. I wanted it for my wedding, but I had to buy my rings. My husband will never wear a wedding ring, so I decided to take mine off. This is my first and last marriage, this is my husbands second marriage. His first wife they were married in a church. My marriage was done at the courthouse, wearing shorts a tank top and sandals. No honey moon, no family there, just me him and the judge and we had to pay for parking. We went home and slept. His first wife came to my door and wanted to ask him to come back to her. We have been together for 36 years and we are just roommates, he stays in his end of the house and I stay in the other end. It’s really an awful marriage. I was raised one and done. I had a great Aunt and she told me that God does not won’t me to be misery like I have been with a verbal abuser , a cheater and he doesn’t take care about our marriage, he has no comment to it. Well that’s my story.

  • Wanda Dickie: November 17, 2019

    Are very beautiful rings and I would Love to own some thing that beautiful. Some day

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